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IDCA Webinars • Data Rights & Privacy & The COVID-19 Pandemic


Companies, governments, and people produce data with their every breath. However, with ever piece of data comes rights, privileges, advantages, and possibly challenges.

Topics Covered

  • What are the data rights of companies, governments and people?
  • Which part of our data can be classified as our property?
  • How far can corporations or governments go in tapping into the data we generate?
  • In the case of the pandemic, does safety takes precedence or privacy?
  • Does a pandemic supersede our last right to privacy forever?
  • When does government access to our information become immoral?
  • How should governments engage with their citizens when collecting their data and what are the moral and legal rights of citizens over their data?
  • What are the possible remedies to governments and corporations that maybe inclined to partner in breach our privacy in the name of safety?
  • What are the pre-COVID, in-COVID, in-Recovery and new-normal rights, challenges, concerns, and resolutions?