Code of Practice

Transparent information about the trader
Clear, complete and accurate product description
Transparent pricing, inclusive of all charges and taxes
Accurate information to the customer on product availability and delivery times
Delivery according to the specifications and timing indicated to the customer
Clear returns process and prompt reimbursement
Accessible customer service and timely complaint management
Protection of personal data according to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
Secure payment methods
Online, fully documented, interactive and accessible procedure which enables and ensures merchants’ compliance with the Trust Mark requirements
Online and interactive support and advice to facilitate any necessary improvements to be made by the merchant before the Trust Mark can be awarded
Auditable record of accreditation and Trust Mark performance including the retention of approved Terms & Conditions
Traders should provide information about ADR/ODR services to resolve consumer complaints
The Trust Mark can be withdrawn if the trader does not comply with the code of conduct or in the case of insolvency

Benefits for Consumer

The Hong Kong Trustmark is an easy way to check if the online shop complies with the highest possible tracking standards, both international and Hong Kong.

When shopping from the sellers that display the Hong Kong Trust Mark, customers will benefit from the following quality standards :

1.Clear, comprehensive and accurate product description and merchant information before you place your order
2.Convenient, reliable, safe and legally compliant service
3.Notification of all costs and any limitations / conditions prior to checkout
4.Charges that are complete and simple to understand – including any tax and delivery and surcharges
5.Access information on your order progress / history
6.Delivery as specified at the time of order
7.Your purchases arriving in good condition
8.Helpful support with damaged / failed / late / attempted deliveries
9.A clear returns process, with any limitations/conditions notified at the beginning of the ordering process
10.Your personal data and rights being properly protected and managed

Benefits for Merchant

The Hong Kong Trust Mark Members agreed to launch a project aiming to ensure consumers recognize a certain Trust Mark across borders. The initiative brought the consumer protection levels to an equal minimum level across the countries covered by our Trust Mark. Strengthen consumers’ confidences and encourage online trading network’s expansion. Merchants will benefit from the following quality standards :

1.Display a trusted symbol – beneficial especially for SMEs
2.Improve confidence of new customers in purchasing from an unfamiliar webshop
3.Provide assurance on payment security
4.Confirm compliance of data protection and consumer protection rules
5.Ensure accurate and timely delivery of orders
6.Certify transparency of information and pricing
7.Acquire guidelines and best practices for online selling
8.Guarantee against risk of fraud and non-payment
9.Help with redress mechanisms for dispute resolution
10.Increase online cross- border turnover for web merchants and improve international credibility