The Federation

Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce (HKFEC) was established to join professionals and all parts of E-commerce businesses together to share on a common platform with the latest news, technology and opportunities. The goal is to make Hong Kong a better place for E-commerce business.

Through our seminars, workshops and exchange tours, members can leverage industries and other countries’ successful case to upgrade their knowledge and expertise in order to enhance and promote their E-commerce development.

The Federation will also act on behalf of the industry to liaise with government bodies and communicate with the society, in order to build an interactive platform for supporting E-commerce development in Hong Kong.


HKFEC’s first objective is to encourage mutual benefits to all E-commerce players. From platform owners, online shops, online media, online service providers to logistics and couriers. HKFEC is to obtained support from the industries, government and education sectors to create a better business environment for the E-Commerce in HK.
HKFEC will perform as an information hub to connect with other countries and cross borders for E-commerce market sharing and potential partnership. Through these connections, HKFEC helps the industry to promote our local E-commerce players to International market.

Information Hub

HKFEC will act as a neutral organisation to promote a “Hong Kong Trust Mark” campaign for trusty online shop in HK towards all target online customers. This could help HK to build up a trusted trade online platform among the region. HKFEC will assist these cases for professional and legal advice, and actively communicate with government and related organisations for the development of E-commerce in HK. 

Business Integrity

Consumer Rights

HKFEC will listen to consumers who experience any dispute or unpleasant online shopping experience, and provide professional advice. We will encourage and assist the development of a safety E-commerce trading place. In some occasions, we will represent problem customers to seek for related authority or organisation for advice. Through our cooperation and connection with industry, institution, government or non-government, media and cross border consumer councils, HKFEC would encourage more interaction from different parties to resolve any conflicts from cross region online activities, to ensure protection from local consumers.