Swapifly Wins Fintech Award for “Best Artificial Intelligence Classified Platform” in 2022

Swapifly Wins Fintech Award for “Best Artificial Intelligence Classified Platform” in 2022

A Hong Kong based Ecommerce startup Recognized by ET Net’s Fintech Award,

co-organized with Cyberport and HKSTP

Hong Kong, Jan 19, 2023 – Swapifly, a Hong Kong based Second-hand resale marketplace, today announced that it has been recognized for this year as “Best Artificial Intelligence Classified Platform” in the Fintech Award 2022. The FinTech Awards 2022 (hereinafter “Award”), organized by ET Net and co-organized with Hong Kong Cyberport and HKSTP, are aimed at commending best FinTech practices and recognizing outstanding FinTech professionals from Hong Kong-based companies. 

Swapifly Limited, winning The Best A.I. Classified Platform in The Fintech Award 2022

Swapifly was found in Hong Kong 2022 by Mr. Joseph Yuen, a serial entrepreneur, and the chairman of Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce. The company has launched its online resale website (www.swapifly.com) in late 2022 target for every individual seller or business seller to post their items at Free-of-charge seeking for potential buyers. The company collect data from seller and consumer data from the 6 categories (Limited, Luxury, Electronics, Home & Beauty, Cars, Property) and turn into an A.I. analytics for creating values to sellers, advertisers, and business partners. Swapifly’ s big data enable seller’s listing competitiveness by comparison, consumer modeling by prediction and loyalty rewards by behavior matching. Swapifly create a free use of Custom Data Platform (CDP) and Business Intelligence (BI) for every seller within the platform. Unlike many other ecommerce marketplaces today, swapifly not to share the profit from seller, but to bring value over A.I. technology to small and media business.

Joseph Yuen, Found and CEO, Swapifly Limited at the shop of one of his Seller

Mr. Joseph Yuen, Founder and CEO of Swapifly, “The Fintech Award 2022 is an important milestone for Swapifly, a new startup in Hong Kong for demonstrate the strength of Hong Kong people, not only in the business capability but also our technology innovation at a global standard. Swapifly’s A.I. core technologies aim to bring value to business who has suffered in recent pandemic and align with the theme of The Fintech Award 2022, is to prepare for the connection between the physical world into the Metaverse. Swapifly enable seller of virtual items to trade safely over our big data and blockchain technology.”

Mr. Yuen has found Digital Outdoor Television (DOTV) in 2007 and a Powerbank on demand company, Mobijuce in 2017. He has a strong technical and marketing background from global telecom company and in his recent employment prior starting Swapifly, he is appointed as the Head of commerce, HK & TW with a global media agency – Mediabrands of Interpublic Group. His client portfolios included Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Dyson, LEGO and American Express…etc.

Swapifly’ s contribution to the ESG industry by “More Resale & Less Waste”

The Chief Executive’s 2022 Policy Address indicated that I&T provides key impetus for Hong Kong’s high-quality economic development. The Fintech Award 2022 focus on integration of environmental risks and opportunities into day-to-day financing and investment decisions, as well as the development of financial services and products that make a substantial contribution to environmental objectives. It also involves the use of policy approaches that harness green digital finance applications to realign financial flows towards low-carbon and resource-efficient economies. “Swapifly not only provide a high conversion-based data to global brand of advertisers, but the platform also promotes a high value resale market and help reduce waste to keep a green society. Swapifly is planning to work with ESG companies to expand the service in Asia market, as well as oversea countries with Chinese immigrants. Swapifly aim to reach 200,000 monthly active users (MAU) in 18 months across the region and to become another Hong Kong base unicorn in 5 years’ time.” Mr. Yuen said.

Strategy partnership for RD Technologies and Swapifly

Swapifly has recently entered into partnership with RD Technologies, a Hong Kong based FinTech company which aims to build a business world interconnected by trust and make things easier and more cost-efficient for businesses in their cross-border payments and access to financial services.

Daniel Tian, Chief Executive Officer, RD Technologies said, “Congratulations to Swapifly for winning the Best A.I. Classified Platform by The FinTech Award 2022. At RD Technologies, we believe that the future of business lies in the use of smart solutions that make access to better services easier and at a lower cost for businesses.  We are also pleased that our corporate identity verification solution RD ezLink and business payment solution RD Wallet will be empowering Swapifly’s development into a trustworthy e-commerce platform that enables secure, fast and cost-efficient business payments. We look forward to working closely with Swapifly in facilitating trust building and promoting trade connections in the digital era.”

For more information visit https://www.swapifly.com.

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About Swapifly Limited Swapifly Limited is a Hong Kong based classified online marketplace. The platform primarily focusses on rare and luxury resale, leverage A.I. and big data to provide listing competitiveness, consumer modeling and loyalty rewards. Swapifly is to bring quality consumer data from the 6 categories (Limited, Luxury, Electronics, Home & Beauty, Cars, Property) for corresponding advertisers. Quality conversion data collected will turn into media value to top spending advertisers as becoming a major revenue source to Swapifly. The marketplace will also extend for virtual product sellers from metaverse exchange to the physical world by blockchain technology. Swapifly operates in Hong Kong and a number of Asia markets as well as oversea countries with Chinese immigrants.