The Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce has a new image, and the new Logo is officially unveiled!

Dear members and partners;

We are pleased to announce that The Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce has put on a new Logo! The Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce has entered its ninth year, witnessing the rapid development of the e-commerce industry. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hong Kong’s e-commerce has exploded, with industries upgrading and transforming, live streaming, and the metaverse rising one after another. This new Logo represents our commitment to innovation and progress, and symbolizes our determination to provide the best quality service to members, making Hong Kong an important city, cooperating with the Greater Bay Area E-commerce Association, government departments and industry institutions, gathering elites to play their strengths and face the world.

The design of the new Logo is simple and modern. The shopping cart is a design feature that has been used before. The color scheme is still the three colors of the old one, which is the core identification color of the association’s image. The three tick-like lines in the middle represent the connection to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and their upward direction represents the Federation’s commitment to promote and lead industry development, perfectly reflecting our image as a leading e-commerce organization. The top circle represents Hong Kong’s e-commerce industry moving towards international markets.

The new Logo will be used on all official files, websites and promotional materials.

On August 15, 2023, our chairman Mr. Yuan Nianzu announced the design and concept of the new Logo at the 20th anniversary meeting of the “Guangdong Province Ecommerce Association”.

The Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce has become one of the excellent members of the South China E-commerce Alliance.

We believe that this new Logo will not only enhance our federation’s image but also inspire all our members with greater enthusiasm and determination to bring more innovation and development to Hong Kong’s e-commerce industry.

We look forward to sharing this refreshing change with you in the future and working together to create a better future!

Best regards,

Hong Kong E-commerce Federation