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IDCA Webinar: Global Pandemic Telecoms and Carriers

While the world is experiencing massive economic constraints, telecommunication companies are keeping the world connected and remote access of the workforce still possible. By doing that their businesses are booming, but they are also facing challenges. What are the key challenges of telecommunication companies during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Topics Covered

  • How does the global topology map of telecom operators look today?
  • Are the pandemic and remote workforces pushing global bandwidth to its limits?
  • Which countries are already facing throughput limitation?
  • How are telecom operators dealing with the circumstances and keeping up with the demand?
  • What percentage of troubleshooting, network expansion and fixation is currently done by remote/smart hands?
  • What type of tasks require physical presence of personnel?
  • What precautions are telecom operators putting in place in order to safeguard their personnel?
  • How would the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic change the plans of telecom companies in the post-coronavirus-era?