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Formation of Belt and Road E-Commerce Strategic Alliance

Immediate Release

On 14 Jan 2016, a press conference for the formation of “Belt and Road” E-Commerce Strategic Alliance together with the launch of 2016 – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau E-Commerce conference was held in Guangzhou, China.The event has invited E-Commerce leaders from various region, that included: Mr.Chen Xiao, Executive Vice President and Secretary General, Guangdong ProvinceElectronic Commerce Association; Ms. Wu Mu Zhen, Deputy Secretary-General,Guangdong Province Electronic Commerce Association; Mr. Joseph Yuen, Board Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce (HKFEC); Mr. Jorij Abraham,Director Research & Advice, Ecommerce Foundation of Ecommerce Europe (Ecommerce Foundation); Mr. Alexey Fedorov, President of Russian Association ofInternet Trade Companies (AITC); Mr. Ir Peter Yeung, Head of Information & Communications Technology Cluster, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation; Mr. Wu Changquan, General Manager of China Postal Express & Logistics Co. Ltd. , Mr. Scott Ma, President of E-commerce Association of Macau and Mr. Ku Yu-Liang, Chief Representative of Taiwan Trade Center, Guangzhou.

During the presentation, Ms. Wu from Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association kick of with warm welcome to all guest and introduce the formation of the “Belt and Road” E-Commerce Strategic Alliance, with the economy contribution of cross border E-Commerce over the Belt and Road regions, and how this alliance can work together for a join effort development.

Mr. Jorij Abraham, Director Research & Advice, Ecommerce Foundation under Ecommerce Europe (Ecommerce Foundation) then gave an introduction of E-Commerce market update from Europe and also share the opportunity and challenge for current Europe market situation. He encourages E-commerce players from Europe should work closer in the Belt and Road region with Asia for better cross border market development.

Mr. Alexey Fedorov, President of Russian Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC) also gave his presentation and suggest building a strong bonding between Russia and China for E-Commerce trading development. He believes partnership between world’s super economic power should work together for the benefit of E-Commerce development.

To conclude the presentation, Mr. Joseph Yuen, Board Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce (HKFEC) share the 2016 plan of the Alliance.  Mr. Yuen said, “The Alliance has now included Europe and Russia, and I will soon take this friendly invitation to expand North & South East Asia, as well as middle East…etc., other than holding conferences and exhibitions, the Alliance will also liaise with relevant government and organization, to built an E-Commerce platform and solution for a better development of E-Commerce between Belt and Road region countries.” Mr. Yuen explained that the Alliance will facilitate E-Commerce discussions such as: custom tax incentives between borders for online trade, no fakes and promote genuine goods in online trade, and development of funds to support E-commerce development across Belt and Road region.

At the end of this press conference, Mr. Yuen was appointed by Ecommerce Foundation from Europe and Russian Association of Internet Trade Companies as their advisor in the development of E-commerce into Asia. This appointment has demonstrated a key value for Hong Kong in the development of Global E-Commerce in the Belt and Road region.

Guangdong Province Electronic Commerce Association, HongKong Federation of Ecommerce, Ecommerce Foundation of Ecommerce Europe (Ecommerce Foundation), Russian Association of Internet Trade Companies then proceeded with the signing ceremony for the “Belt and Road, E-Commerce Strategic Alliance. Under the witness from leaders of various regions, the ceremony was proud to announce the coming event of China, Taiwan,Hong Kong and Macau E-Commerce exhibition 2016 together with “Belt and Road”Cross border E-Commerce platform for Guangdong International traders.

Mr. Wu Changquan, General Manager of Guangdong province China Post EMS Co. Ltd. give a big support to the Alliance and events from a nation-wide government organization, and is looking forward to see China’s postal service be able to fully integrated with cross border E-Commerce activities with “Belt and Road” E-Commerce Strategic Alliance. Guangdong China Post EMS has been well prepared for the rapid increase in demand from corporation who is looking for a full function and high quality International logistic and courier services.

The “Belt and Road” E-Commerce Strategic Alliance is found by Guangdong Province Electronic Commerce Association, Hong Kong Federation of Ecommerce (HKFEC), Ecommerce Foundation of Ecommerce Europe (Ecommerce Foundation), Russian Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC) and E-Commerce associations from other countries. The principle of the Alliance is based on “Equality, Cooperation, Mutually Build, Mutually Share, Mutual Aid,and Mutually Benefit”. The “Belt and Road” E-Commerce Strategic Alliance would construct for a high quality, diversify and efficient cross border E-Commerce platform for countries around the Belt and Road region.

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