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Event Highlight – CORPHUB Most Outstanding Leader Awards 2019

Date : 20 December, 2018
Venue : CORDIS Hotel

CORPHUB Most Outstanding Leader Awards 2019 was successfully held on 20 December 2018 at CORDIS Hotel. Our chairman, Mr. Joseph Yuen, was invited to be the guest of honor, and shared the changes along development of e-commerce and his future expectation toward the industry with all the winners.

In the ceremony, guests of honor, including Mr. Bernie Ting, Chairman of Hong Kong Q-Mark Council, Mr. Gary Yeung, Vice President & eID Committee Chairman of Smart City Consortium, and Mr. Yuen presented awards and shared the happiness of all winners. Mr. Yuen mentioned that there were many traditional enterprises affected by the rise of newly developed e-commerce in the past. Therefore, with the rapid development of technology, there will soon be new comers becoming leaders and affect the leading enterprises nowadays. We should pay attention to technological advancement and adapt to the use of technology in business, in order to keep being the leaders or become new leaders of the industry.

Mr. Yuen was glad to be invited and communicated with all other guests. HKFEC hope there will be more people to be involved and lead the development of local e-commerce industry.