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Event Highlight – Asia E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 2016

Date: 21 – 22 Jan, 2016
Venue : Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

“Asia E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 2016” was held in Singapore Marina Bay Sands on Jan 21 -22, 2016.  The Summit was organised by ECV International Shanghai Co., and supported by Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce.

Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce’s Board Chairman, Mr Joseph Yuen gave a keynote speech in the beginning of the Summit and describe the latest development of Internet Plus in China and also the great opportunity of Belt and Road Initiatives for E-Commerce players from ASEAN countries.

Currently, Asia has become the world’s most economically dynamic area, and billions of consumers in Asia are gradually changing the world domain of consumption and retails. How to more effectively link with the huge but diverse groups of consumers of various Asian countries is an extremely important proposition for all brands and retailers. With the great success of China’s E-Commerce, the E-Commerce markets in India and Southeast Asian countries are also rapidly rising, and at the same time, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important as a new marketing way. All these provide dealers with excellent rapid and efficient channels to link with the Asian consumers and opportunities to grasp the market development.

Through sharing and discussion of such topics as best practice on the E-Commerce platform, on-line and off-line integration, Omni-channel retailing, and cross-border E-Commerce, logistics and payment, this Summit aims to help you better understand the rapidly changing and complex Asian E-Commerce market full of opportunities. Meanwhile, we will explore the interactive technologies such as search engines, social media, video and digital media development, content marketing and big data, as well as the analysis and practical ways to achieve the most effective and innovative digital marketing results.

Asia E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 2016:
– Wonderful Speeches by the Executives of Well-known E-commerce and relative Enterprises

– 200+ E-commerce Industry、Retail、Marketing industry and Relative Enterprises at Home and Abroad

For more details, speakers and attendees of the Summit, please visit:  https://www.ecvinternational.com/2016commercemarketing/