About Ecommerce World Summit 2022

Many businesses in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) have plans to expand into overseas markets, and ASEAN countries are their preferred first stop. They develop different expansion strategies depending on the specific characteristics of their industry. One strategy worth considering is the use of cross border e commerce platforms, as it is one of the easiest avenues to pursue. However, it is worth noting that the ratings given by mainland GBA enterprises to each item of Hong Kong’s strengths are higher than those given by their Hong Kong counterparts. This shows that Hong Kong’s southbound connectivity seems to be stronger than its northbound connectivity.

While the degree of economic recovery in the post‑Covid-19 period has yet to be seen, it can be expected that as enterprises resume their stalled expansion plans, cross‑border trading and investment activities are bound to resurge. Hence, the services provided by Hong Kong will be in demand to support the huge trade and investment flows post‑pandemic.

Ecommerce World Summit 2016 – Guangzhou

Ecommerce World Summit 2019 – Singapore

Ecommerce World Summit 2020 – Virtual

Ecommerce World Summit 2022, organized by the Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce is now retuning to Hong Kong in 2022 as a hybrid event collocated with Business GoVirtual Conference and Expo 2022 on 15 July 2022 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong. The Event this year will have industry representatives from GBA as well as South East Asia to share how the region is leading the global trends of E-Commerce.

Ecommerce World Summit 2022 – Event Opening (15 July 2022)

About Business GOVitual Expo & Conference 2022

With the gradual lifting of the Hong Kong Government on pandemic prevention measures, all businesses are actively preparing themselves and ready for a market rebound to maximize their business opportunities in the post-pandemic period! Enterprises understand where they should go and invest as well as the business strategies under pandemic, and innovative technologies is no doubt one of the areas that you cannot be missed!

The return of BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo in 2022 will be the first B2B “Tech × Business” event which gathers solution providers and enterprises users under one roof, providing an excellent communication platform for tech companies to exchange ideas, collaborate and foster partnership.

  • Exhibition Booths
  • Insightful Conference Sessions
  • BUSINESS GOVirtual Tech Awards Presentation Ceremony
  • Networking Session​

​On top of the physical event, the brand new “ GOVirtual OMNI ”, an online platform for the Expo and Conference will be available, welcomes regional exhibitors and visitors for excellent virtual event participation – anywhere and anytime!

  • Virtual Exhibition Booths
  • Online Meetings & Chatbox
  • Livestreamed Conference Sessions
  • And more online functions!

GOVirtual 2022 Supporting Bureau

2022 Event Agenda

Date: 15 July 2022 (Friday)

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Venue: Meeting Room S220s, Level 2, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

You can watch the event at:

TopicWatch OnlineSpeakerTitle
Welcome Speech- GBA

Watch in Youtube:

Watch in 腾讯视频:
電商世界峰會 Ecommerce World Summit 2022 (1/9)_腾讯视频 (qq.com)
電商世界峰會 Ecommerce World Summit 2022 (2/9)_腾讯视频 (qq.com)
Mr. Joseph Yuen
Mr. Keyvin Bi
Secretary General, Guangdong Ecommerce Association
Chairman, Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce
Chairman, Ecommerce Association of Macau
Guangzhou Ecommerce Industry Association
Zhuhai Ecommerce Association
Foshan Ecommerce Association
Jiangmen Ecommerce Association
Shenzhen Ecommerce Association
Zhongshan Ecommerce Association
Zhaoqing Ecommerce Association
Dongguan Ecommerce Association
Huizhou Ecommerce Association
Launch Ceremony of GBA & SE Asia Ecommerce AllianceWatch in Youtube:

Watch in 腾讯视频:
電商世界峰會 Ecommerce World Summit 2022 (3/9)_腾讯视频 (qq.com)
Honorable Guests from GBA & SE Asia Ecommerce organizations Group Photo
Welcome Speech – S.E. AsiaWatch in Youtube:

Watch in 腾讯视频:
電商世界峰會 Ecommerce World Summit 2022 (4/9)_腾讯视频 (qq.com)
Ms. Kulthirath Pakawachkrilers (Meant)

Mr. Eng Kin Hoong

Mr. Claudius Ng
President, Thai Ecommerce Association

President, Malaysia Cross Border Ecommerce Association

Chairman, Singapore Chamber of Ecommerce
Cross border Ecommerce development at Greater Bay AreaWatch in Youtube:

Watch in 腾讯视频:
電商世界峰會 Ecommerce World Summit 2022 (5/9)_腾讯视频 (qq.com)
Ms. Linda LeeCEO of Cross-border E-commerce, Top Ideal Group
Global sellers entering into SEA marketWatch in Youtube:

Watch in 腾讯视频:
電商世界峰會 Ecommerce World Summit 2022 (6/9)_腾讯视频 (qq.com)
Ms. Fione TanCo-Founder & CEO, 28Mall.com
Challenges and Opportunities for mainland brands to enter Southeast AsiaWatch in Youtube:

Watch in 腾讯视频:
電商世界峰會 Ecommerce World Summit 2022 (7/9)_腾讯视频 (qq.com)
Mr. John MoCEO & CPO, TechSEA Technology Co. Ltd.
Flexible Optimization Techniques for Cross Border International DeliveryWatch in Youtube:

Watch in 腾讯视频:
電商世界峰會 Ecommerce World Summit 2022 (8/9)_腾讯视频 (qq.com)
Ms. Mandy WuBusiness Director, Hongkong Post
Panel: As GBA and S.E. Asia lead the global trends of e-commerce, what role does Hong Kong play?Watch in Youtube:

Watch in 腾讯视频:
電商世界峰會 Ecommerce World Summit 2022 (9/9)_腾讯视频 (qq.com)
Mr. Joseph Yuen (Host)

Mr. Edgar Chan

Mr. John Mo

Mr. Charles Chan
Ms. Fione Tan
Chairman, HKFEC

Director of Operations, China Merchants Shipping and Enterprises Co
CEO & CPO, TechSEA Technology Co.Ltd, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Managing Director, CLEARgo
Co-Founder & CEO, 28Mall.com

Event Organizers

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