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Launch of “Hong Kong Trust Mark”

Immediate Release

(12th Aug 2016, Hong Kong) – Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce (HKFEC) announces today for the launch of “Hong Kong Trust Mark”.

The “Hong Kong Trust Mark” will collaborate with the “Belt and Road E-commerce Strategic Alliance”, including the Guangdong Electronic Commerce Association (GDECA), Russian Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC), Ecommerce Foundation by Ecommerce Europe, Thailand eCommerce Association (Thai ECA), and Ecommerce Association of India (ECAI). Further discussion between HKFEC with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) for the Trust Mark being accepted in the UAE countries.

Mr. Joseph Yuen, the Board Chairman of HKFEC; Advisor of GDECA in China, Guangdong; Ecommerce Foundation of Ecommerce Europe and Russia’s ATIC said: “HKFEC operates as a neutral non-profit organization aim to leverage the launch of the scheme could help promote the genuine and quality goods and services from online shop in Hong Kong. The scheme could build a trust worthy image for online trading platform from Hong Kong, and for those who suffer from previous ecommerce shopping experience, the Trust Mark will also provide a channel for complains and legal consultation. Meanwhile, HKFEC will actively communicate with local government and organizations to make Hong Kong a better place for E-Commerce.”

HKFEC will aggressively promote the “Hong Kong Trust Mark” and encourage more online retailers to participate, this could increase the awareness of IP rights and genuine goods from online merchants, and the confidence level from local and foreign visitors to shop in Hong Kong via online and strengthen the “Shopping Paradise” brand for Hong Kong among the world. Starting Today, any Hong Kong registered website could apply for the “Hong Kong Trust Mark” from HKFEC’s website or . The Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce will base on the Code of Practice to review each application for approval and grant for the usage of the “Hong Kong Trade Mark”. Those who obtained the Trust Mark would be authorized to post the electronic logo of the “Hong Kong Trust Mark” issued by HKFEC on their website and linked to a given webpage. Online consumer and general public can click through the “Hong Kong Trust Mark” logo on approved website to review the detail and status of that particular site. HKFEC will ensure all members obtain the Trust Mark to follow the Code of Practice, guarantee never sell any fake product and wrongful service description over their website, consumers can easily distinguish those good and honest online merchants through this Trust Mark against others.

Hong Kong’s retail industry offer a wide variety of International goods and services, has been well known to the world’s customers. Unfortunately, due to some un-behaved online merchants, many local and oversea customers are not feeling comfortable to buy from Hong Kong online shops. The launch of “Hong Kong Trust Mark” could stop people going to buy from problem online shop, and also lead a better development in the global ecommerce market. HKFEC welcome all categories of trade associations to jointly promote “Hong Kong Trust Mark”, and at the same time, HKFEC has actively discussed with major Domain and Web Hosting companies in Hong Kong in order to increase the popularity of the scheme. Ms. Meiling Talibart, Vice Chairman of HKFEC said, “Our launch today only marks a kick start for a Trusted E-commerce development.  Hong Kong being an International city, has great potential to become the center for China or even Asia Trust Mark for E-commerce, consider the scale and coverage to our goal, the Trust Mark will require more support from the government and organization from different industries.”

Along the launch of “Hong Kong Trust Mark”, HKFEC also accept any E-commerce companies from Mainland China and Macau to apply for “China Trust Mark” and “Macau Trust Mark” and in the process of discussion with other China and Macau E-Commerce Associations to partner launching the scheme in those markets. The Trust Mark launched by HKFEC is based on a foundation of Code of Practice from various International Standard, such as the European E-Commerce Trust Mark, in order to have the same level of assurance and reputation. All applications will have to go through the same process of approval in order to obtain the Trust Mark, this is very important for the trust level appeal to general public for a protection to consumers. The Scheme also include a report complaints mechanism, in case for any consumer found problem with any approved website, HKFEC would act as a neutral and middle organization for problem solving and handle disputes. For details about the operation, application and Code of Practice about the Hong Kong Trust mark, please refer to the official website of and .

Mr. Cheng Xiao, Executive Vice President and Secretary General, Guangdong Province Electronic Commerce Association said: “Mainland consumer has been addicted to quality and genuine goods from Hong Kong, but many are now confused and have bad experience about buying faked imported goods from online. The launch of Hong Kong Trust Mark could be beneficial for online merchant and consumer in both Hong Kong and mainland China market.”

Mr. Jorij Abraham, General Manager of Ecommerce Foundation by Ecommerce Europe said, “Buying and selling goods and/or services will take place radically differently in 2020.  We hope this trust mark will improve trust in distance selling and to make cross-border trading easier”

Mr. Alexey Fedorov, President of Russian Association of Trade Companies (AITC) said, “Display a trusted symbol beneficial especially for SMEs, it certifies transparency of information and pricing, help with redress mechanisms for dispute resolution.”

Mr. Nasir Jamal, Secretary General of Ecommerce Association of India said, “A Trust Mark roll out will Improve confidence of new customers in purchasing from an unfamiliar web shop and guarantee against risk of fraud and non-payment, hence ECAI would give support to Hong Kong Trust Mark.”

Mr. Pawoot Pongvitayapanu, President of Thai eCommerce Association said, “According to research, ASEAN will be the next Ecommerce growth engine after China. For a healthy growth of Ecommerce in Thailand and surrounding countries, a well-developed trust system is necessary. Our association will give full support to this Trust Mark in ASEAN market.”

About Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce (HKFEC –
 The Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce ( was established as a non-profit organization to bring professionals and all parts of e-commerce businesses together to share the latest news, technology and opportunities on a common platform. Their goal is to make Hong Kong a better place for e-commerce. HKFEC’s main objective is to encourage mutual benefits to all e-commerce players, from platform owners, online shops, online media, online service providers to logistics and couriers. HKFEC also closely cooperates with overseas e-commerce organizations to make Hong Kong the gateway for e-commerce in China.

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