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Event Highlight ~ HKFEC Annual Dinner 2018/19

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Event Highlight 2018

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HKFEC Annual Dinner 2018/19

Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce (HKFEC) is honored to receive great support from our members and friends in different industries in 2018. We successfully organized different events, including seminars, conferences, study tours, social networking, and so on, in HK and overseas with various organizations. Also, we promoted development of e-commerce and provided opportunities to let our members learn more about the latest industry information in different parts of the world throughout the year.

This year, HKFEC Annual Dinner received sponsorship support from our members. The HKFEC Annual Dinner 2018/19 is already held on 13 December 2018 at 208 Duecento Otto, deepening connections among our members in the retail industry.

We were glad to have Ve Global, HK Express, Zalora, HABBITZZ, Strawberrynet, GEOX, Puyi Optical, J.Crew, Vita Green, SaSa, Swatch, CLEARgo, etc, to attend our dinner, and celebrated the achievements in the past year.

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During the dinner, our chairman, Mr. Joseph Yuen, briefly introduced establishment of HKFEC in 2018, we were always grateful to have the invaluable support from our friends, and looking forward to organizing various activities, and promote a better development in 2019 together. We truly look forward to receiving your continual support!

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