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Event Highlight ~ Akamai e-Commerce Conference

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Event Highlight

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Akamai e-Commerce Conference

Akamai e-Commerce Conference was held on 26th October at the Akamai Hong Kong office. Our chairman, Mr. Joseph Yuen was invited to share his opinions on the development of e-commerce in Asia.


The conference has attracted around 60 participants. Mr. Yuen shared the current situation and prospect of e-commerce industry in Asia and cross-boarder aspect, along with the growth of emerging technology such as IoT, AI, 5G, Blockchain, and so on. Mr. Yuen also mentioned the importance of trust for e-commerce, security and creditability will be the main driver of e-commerce industry.




HKFEC was glad to support and cooperate with Akamai and MIG. HKFEC always aims at creating a better e-commerce environment.