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Event Highlight ~ PC3 Platinum Brand 2018

Source:HKFEC Marketing

Past Event Highlight 2018

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PC3 Platinum Brand 2018

PC3 Platinum Brand 2018 was held on 22nd June 2018, to certify the great achievement of technological brands over last year. Our chairman, Mr. Joseph Yuen was invited to be the judge and officiating guest, and presenting awards to companies with excellent performance in different industries.

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PC3 invited representatives from business community to be judges and presenters. Mr. Yuen, as the officiating guest, shared the important elements of platinum brands, and shared the joy of receiving great honors with awardees.

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Mr. Yuen was glad to be invited to be the judge with all honorable guests. We look forward to witness the great development of technological brands, and promote development of different industries together.