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Event Highlight ~ The 1st International Internet Integrity Conference

Source:HKFEC Marketing

Past Event Highlight 2018

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The 1st InternationalInternet Integrity Conference

The conference was held on the 17th April 2018, by Shenzhen E-Commerce Better Service. It was on the topic of “Internet +Credit”.


Over 600 guests attended the conference, with our chairman, Mr. Joseph Yuen, appointed as the new rotating chairman of World Trustmark Alliance (WTA) and shared his vision in the upcoming 2 years. Mr. Yuen showed his pleasure to take the role of chairman of WTA, and promised to further develop and strengthen the network of WTA to promote cyber trust and security along with his members. Also, he aimed to provide a fair and equal standard to settle conflicts arising from cross-border transactions.



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Mr. Yuen was glad to be the new rotating chairman of World Trustmark Alliance, and look forward to working with the members in the near future.

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